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For professionals specializing in and wanting to learn more about Cannabis Industry. We meet monthly to discuss all aspects of the Cannabis industry.  Anyone interested in learning more about the opportunities that this dynamic and rapidly growing industry has to offer.  Come join us for a discussion, education and networking with other professionals in this great and ever evolving industry.  This group includes growers, activists, tradesmen, caregivers, retailers, manufacturers, lenders, lawyers, insurance pros and anyone who is actively working in or wanting to enter the Cannabis businesses.

The time is now to get in on the hottest growth market in the world – legalized, for profit cannabis. Medicinal use of cannabis is legal in many states in the Midwest. Illinois now has more than 20,000 legal patients and Michigan has the second highest patient count in the country with more than 220,000 patients.

Meet other like-minded people that are interested in the opportunities legal cannabis presents for employment, business start-ups, investors and more. 


October 2nd, 2017 At Joy District – Meet Leaders In Illinois Cannabis!

Thanks to Green Thumb Industries for sponsoring our event! Green Thumb Industries (GTI) is an Illinois-based partnership of accomplished professionals, business people, world-class entrepreneurs and philanthropists driven by the dual commitment to the patients and communities it will serve. The GTI team has proven experience operating successful businesses, long-term expertise in adhering to sustainable business practices, and a deep understanding of the law with regards to the regulatory process surrounding medical cannabis. Each founding member of the GTI team calls Illinois home. They are dedicated to serving Illinois communities where their efforts will have the strongest positive impact and make the biggest difference to local residents.

Our Last Event - June 2017